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ACON LGBTQ+ Sexual Violence Consult Service

ACON offers free consultation, training and guidance to services that provide support to LGBTQ+ people who have experienced sexual violence with the goal of strengthening service provision. LGBTQ+ people can face unique stigmas, discrimination and barriers to disclosing sexual violence. We can guide you in how to best respond and support. Fill out the Expression of Interest form on the website.

ACON SDFV Support Service

ACON’s SDFV Support Service provides free and confidential counselling and care coordination for LGBTQ+ people experiencing sexual, domestic, and family violence.

Financial Independence Hub — Good Shepherd

A free and confidential service supporting people who have experienced financial abuse to feel more confident with money and plan for the future.

Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families works to reduce discrimination and disadvantage faced by children of LGBTQ+ parents and is a support network for parents and carers, as well as future parents and carers.

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia advocates and promotes the importance of respectful relationships with respect to positive individual mental health outcomes and general community outcomes.

Safe Relationships Project

The Safe Relationships Project can assist clients in accessing legal representation and to apply for Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO) or Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVO) to help put an end to the violence they are experiencing.

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